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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Does concrete need to be sealed?
    Yes, you should seal concrete every three years in order to delay deterioration and damage that is caused by salt, ice, water, and snow.
  • Should I paint my sidewalk or slab?
    There is a worldwide shortage of quality concrete paint right now and it is very difficult to get the right products for painting concrete. We recommend waiting until supply is back up and the quality returns.
  • Should I repair or replace my deteriorated concrete?
    That is a complicated question. Every situation is different, so please send us pictures using our Request a Quote form and we can give you some advice.
  • Do you warranty repairs?
    Repairs are not under warranty for many reasons. Repairs are meant to clean up your current concrete and delay complete replacement as long as possible.
  • Do you repair chimneys?
    Yes, we repair chimneys. Please send pictures and information using our Request a Quote form.
  • What masonry services do you provide?
    We do brick, block, stone, historic, restoration, parging, pointing, and repair.
  • How much do columns with a gate at the end of the driveway cost?
    Every job entails different requirements and costs. The best thing to do is find some pictures online as to what you like and send them to us using our Request a Quote form. Once you have done that, we can set up an appointment to go over details and get a complete quote to you.
  • Is parging waterproof?
    No, it is not waterproof. Parging is to just add another layer between the elements and your foundation wall. It also looks nicer.
  • Does sealing asphalt actually do anything?
    Yes, sealing asphalt is very beneficial. When using an oil based sealant, it provides an extra layer of protection overtop of your asphalt preventing water and moisture from going into the asphalt and freezing, which causes separation and cracks. Then, it will cause potholes over time if not taken care of which will progress to full replacement needed. Sealant will help delay total replacement.
  • What is included in sealing my driveway?
    Trim grass around edges, protect assets from over spray, extensively clean surface, fill cracks, spray a 100% oil based sealant, mark end of driveway off.
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